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Join us for these fun events! Ella Enchanted tickets coming soon!

Theater Department

Empowering Voices On and Off the Stage

The Theater Department strives to inspire play and imagination; to support students’ development in their craft while promoting confidence in themselves and in the world around them.

The Yocum Institute offers semester-long classes for students who would like to try theater and focus on specific electives (musical theater, improv, playwriting, etc.) and school year-long clubs and ensembles for students who are committed to building their skills and experience. Each course is led by trained and experienced theater artists in the community. Workshops and specialty classes are also available from talented guest teachers who provide an intensive look at their field of study.

Our classes for preschool and early elementary school students build on a child’s natural inclination to play while providing structure and gentle guidance. As students mature towards adulthood, classes reflect a more focused and detailed approach to creativity and audition and performance preparation. For our adults and older teens, we offer opportunities to try something new or build on an existing acting foundation with a more personalized approach.

No matter what your age or experience, we will work with you to bring your talent to the next level.

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