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Yocum Players

Led by Joel Gori & Andrea Hart

This ensemble is for our younger actors (typically ages 8-10) who are serious about acting and want to experience more. Actors will be expected to spend time outside of class memorizing lines and possible added rehearsals for a performance. A wonderful supportive atmosphere for learning and growing as an actor and well-rounded theater person who understands all of the elements and positions it takes to put a production together.

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Junior Ensemble

Led by Andrea Hart

Building upon skills learned in theater classes and/ or Yocum Players, this group begins to work on text based theater, and has more performance opportunities. The Junior Ensemble is for focused actors who want to explore theater making as well as traditional style productions. They are expected to spend time on their craft between classes on assignments. This group has also had an annual fall project with the Berks Heritage Center. Rehearsal time outside of weekly scheduled day may be arranged on a per project basis. Junior Ensemble members also have the opportunity to work with the Teen & Middle School Ensembles.


Middle School Ensemble

Led by Andrea Hart 

This group is focused on digging deeper into character development. They often have the opportunity to participate in the summer library tour of a family friendly show, create new pieces of theater as well as work on traditional scripted shows. Like all of our serious actors, the Middle School Ensemble will be expected to work between classes on assignments and participate in per project rehearsal time outside of the weekly sessions. Cross collaboration between the  Jr. Ensemble and Teen Ensembles is part of their journey.

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Talent Scholarship
Teen Theater Ensemble (A & B)

Led by Andrea Hart

The teen ensembles are for serious acting students who want to learn and perform in a focused and performance-driven company. Building on the fundamentals of acting, teens meet weekly throughout the year to explore advanced improvisation, scripted theater, new works, and, in addition to family-friendly offerings, performances focused on social
issues affecting teens and young people today.


Performances are scheduled throughout the Berks County area, master classes with guest teachers, and an optional tour that occurs during school hours, members of the Teen Ensemble are given opportunities to develop skills they need to thrive and shine in any performance endeavor.  

***The Ensemble Members are required to pay low annual registration fee; however, the monetary value of the class is over $250 per session (4 sessions per year), plus production costs. This could not happen without your financial support. Please consider a gift today.***

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For Schools and Community Organizations: Touring Performance, Start the Conversation

What do you get when you combine social issues, a diverse group of teenagers, and theater? An energized group who wants to give more to their community! Our hope is to reach deeper into the community to raise awareness and spark community dialogue that promotes positive change and perception. Available Free/ Low Cost to your organization.

Between Apartment 2B and the Endzone –
Teen Suicide Prevention Initiative 

In Partnership with VOiCEup Berks Youth Mental Health Ambassador Program

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Theater Ensembles

Ensembles are open to any actor ages 8+ by audition only. If accepted into an ensemble, you will study acting and how to devise new theater works in a master class setting. Refine improvisation skills, learn to build characters, and work as an ensemble leading up to performances of various theatrical styles. The Ensembles meet weekly throughout the school year. The Scholarship Teen Ensemble continues through the summer with special performance projects.

Established in 2007, the Scholarship Teen Ensemble has been instrumental in selecting and developing projects that impact the understanding of issues affecting the community, as well as providing family-friendly performances that promote literacy, culture, and the arts. They have performed at every Berks County Public Library, the Reading Museum,  Kutztown U, Berks County Parks, public and private schools, street fairs, and the Miller Center for the Arts. Through their performances, the Ensemble has reached thousands of individuals and families from all over Berks County.

Since their start in 2007, the Ensembles have continue to evolve to meet the needs of young actors in our community.

Audition Information

  • Are you ready to take your acting to the next level?

  • Do you want to perform with others who are as serious about their craft as you are?

  • Would you like to use theater to create a change in your community?

  • If you missed the audition, email your name grade and school for more information


Thank you to our partners for helping make these programs possible. 

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